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More confident in her position Scootaloo grinned ever so slightly, “I-I’ve been alright. That and I found out that I can’t fly, ever…” Tears welled up in the corners of the filly’s eyes as she her feelings behind a dim smile. The smile of the young filly faded as the thoughts of abuse and harsh truth rang in the back of her mind. It hurt to think about these things, the very thought of everything not going the way it did raised too many questions that were too hard to explain. A blush overtook both ponies face as they subconsciously felt their faces drifting closing together. The Cyan mare wrapped both her hoofs around her friend’s neck drawing her lips closer to her friend’s.

She is also an excellent party planner, and likes to make jewelry and polish gems. She likes fashion like Rarity, but not as much since she enjoys spending more time with her friends than designing and creating clothes. She is the most balanced of her friends, but she cares deeply for them, which is why she inherited the element of Nobility towards Rarity, her best friend. Besides that episode, the times she shines the best are when she’s playing a supporting character. All while looking like she was ready to tear Discord’s guts out.

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  • In Rainbow Falls, Rainbow Dash comes to the conclusion that even though she loves winning, she loves her friends “waaaaay more.”
  • He first appears in season four’s two-part finale, “Twilight’s Kingdom”, when he escapes from Tartarus, and manipulates Discord to help him steal the magic from every pony in Equestria.

She had to think of Joy Pony File Manager some way to acquire an alchemy set, not knowing what sort of shop in Ponyville would carry such items. Then she realized that Twilight Sparkle might know of where to get such a set, so she quickly headed over to the library. Knocking on the door, it wasn’t long before the familiar purple unicorn answered.

Rainbow Dash T

They then come upon Sussie’shouse, where her birthday party is being hosted. They attempt to sneak past, but are inopportunely caught by Sussie. Awkwardly, they are invited and forced to hang out with her family.


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She loves to welcome new faces to Equestria by throwing them a big welcome party.Her friendship party in Party Pooped helped make amends with the yaks and saved Equestria from war. Other ponies, such as Starlight Glimmer, were added to the story later on. My Little Pony is mainly targeted at girls, and the main six ponies are all female. Welcome to Ponyville, home of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and all of their friends. The Ponies find out what the power of friendship can do in these tales of high adventure and funny mishaps.

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